THINK: spaces for social reflection

Social reflection and dialogue spaces.

We need to develop African thinkers that will lead the continent in a different direction.  To do so we must encourage dialogue and foster a culture of reflection.  We must mobilise young minds to the challenge of re-building Africa in creative and sustainable ways; for this we must engage each other, the past, different generations and that which we perceive to be different to our selves.

The spaces we create for individuals and ideas to come together function to strengthen the young African democracy.  These programmes are all to develop a critical youth who can be part of social decision making.  Our young democracy can only work in the long run with an active citizenry who can respond to challenges and make well informed decisions that will influence the state and the values of society.

it is important to share our ideas, values, visions and hopes for he future.  We will develop a common vision about our country and continent by being open and sharing in open dialogue.  Miyela creates dialogue and spaces for self expression for people to start sharing, to debate, have dialogue and arguments for young Africans to begin building our vision and values for the world we want to live in.


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