Mzansi spelling bee

mzansi spelling beeAt the heart of the Spelling Bee is a desire to help South African children learn to enjoy reading and the possibility that words have to offer.

our aim is simple; we want to make spelling bee reading be to kids what skate boarding and TV games are.  we are working to mainstream literacy and bring it into the pop culture space.  We aim to engage children, parents, teachers and the who of South Africa through a spelling competition for children ages 9-14.  We are taking learning out of the class room and get our children to fall in love with words.  

The Mzansi spelling bee was created in 2012 following the 2011 National Literacy assessments that found that only 35% of the children in grade 3 could read at the appropriate level for their age and grade.  This situation left as it is will amount to the greatest human rights violation that will rid children of their dignity, their potential and essentially lock them out of fast changing world.  South Africa will not develop as a country if we continue to allow the education system to fail.  the lack of development will not only be economic, it will be in the very social fiber of the society.  This will kill our children and their ability to be contributing members of the global space.  As people with a very real stake in the development of South Africa, we sought to do something to contribute to making education work in South Africa.  Though we are passionate about education, we are not educators and so needed to find innovative ways to address the education crisis.  The challenges big and can not be done by a single entity but the solutions are many, at times small and sometimes they can make a big difference.  While others work on the quality of education, the provision of education, supporting education; we want to contribute to create a culture where education and learning would be valued.

The spelling bee seemed a natural place for us to start.  The work bee has been used to describe those moments when a community would come together and work for a common purpose and vision.  No vision seems more urgent to us than that of having a country that is preparing its children for life and the world by empowering them with words and the and the love of language.  the Mzansi Spelling bee is a call to the community, a challenge to young children to prove their ability and a project to bring the nation together in supporting our children as they strive to be and do their very best.


we are working to shape South Africa; One word at a time, One child at a time


2 thoughts on “Mzansi spelling bee

  1. Hi we have a spelling bee project as well and need your partnership, we have 4 Gauteng schools, 1 mpumalanga and 7 limpopo schools. please contact us so that we can meet and discuss this further. our project is called the bright sparks english spellathon, a joint venture of Thutopele Education Development and New Dawn Foundation. i have been researching a lil bit about you and been meaning to talk with you. we could form a powerful collaboration since we have an equal passion. i have also learned of how you emailed us after seeing us on Givengain. we would like to have a meet and greet session with you soon with both Thutopele and New dawn Foundation…There is another organisation i have heard of, called Spelling Bee South Africa, i will also be in touch with them. it is vital o work alongside each other so that we can mak e this program concrete and all have a footprint and perhaps even form an association and raise funds together with one voice, though separate organisations. lets combine our heads.

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