ACT: be part of making a change

Education can liberate people and help restore their dignity.

While tutoring matric students for their end of year exams, Miyela members noted a large number of students who were said to be ready to leave school but were not able to read.  Each year the matric pass rates are more dismal than the year before and it is poor children who are left behind every year.  These students are not able to go back to the over burdened school system and are not prepared for university or work.

Miyela recognises that the failure of the education system is in part systemic and needs real government intervention.  We also recognise that government can not do it alone.  South African need to heed the call to get their hands dirty.  In this case the call is to get back to the class room and offer what help we can to schools because at stake are the futures of our youth.

Miyela had developed Teacher’s Pet to offer tutoring services to learners in from under resourced school through their matric and grade eleven studies.  Teacher’s Pet recruits graduates to tutor and links them with learners who need help with specific subjects in a manner that is tailored to the particular learner’s needs.

Miyela has created the Mzansi Spelling bee as an involved and social space for youth to act and do their part in improving education and literacy in South Africa

We believe education can restore the dignity of people by offering them the world as a space to dream and re imagine themselves.


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