Miyela Live

Miyela Live

Miyela is creating a space that can show that the youthful anxiety in the journal is being actively transformed into positive social transformation by young people and marginal groups.  Reflection and discussion is not enough in a world with ever increasing poverty where people are pushed to the margins and left feeling powerless.  Miyela Live is an internet and print resource that will allow groups active in improving their local and global realities to reflect on the work they do and to connect with others engaged in similar work.

The Miyela research team identifies groups who are active in shaping their communities crating a geographical representation of what activities are taking place in different part of the country.  We have started working in Soweto, taking it a township at a time finding groups and individuals to document.  These documented accounts of work in the margins to change and improve South Africa will form part of a bigger discourse of bringing together what seem to be inconsequential whispers to create a thundering voice that will be impossible to ignore.  This voice lets the mavericks who do work out of a commitment to justice, gender equality, democracy and social justice know that they are not alone and their visions are not impossible.

The reflections serve not only to give legitimacy to a bigger discourse about the vibrant nature of the margins and civil society but to allow the people doing this work to reflect on their work and recognise the value they offer society.  Often the volunteers who work as home based carries, neighbourhood childminders in communities affected by HIV/AIDS, people who start vegetable garden to feed their communities and teach them skills of survival or young people who use their creative skills to empower others or draw young people to positive actives are not acknowledged.  This work is often called volunteering, when it actually is a pivotal part of making sure the vulnerable in society have a place.  This work is not only important in reaching corners that the law and resources do not but in proving that people are more than capable in finding solutions to their challenges.  This platform offers a moment of reflection about the implications of the work done by community group and individuals in a way that will be enabling.

Miyela is has a youthful global character and intends to make use of the resources and mediums young people use to connect with each other.  A Miyela U tube channel together with a website is being set up to show case these short reflection pieces.

This resource is one that donors can use to locate less known groups giving them access to funding opportunities.


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