What we do

Our work has 3programme areas:

movement for positive social transformation

Miyela creates spaces for young Africans, marginal voices and citizens to  play an active role in the development, transformation and growth of their communities; personal, local and global.  believe that our young democracy needs more than anything active citizens who recognise that state, governments, councils, all functions because of the power and resources they are given by the citizens and be held accountable by an active civil society.

1.Social reflection and dialogue spaces.

We need to develop African thinkers that will lead the continent in a different direction.  To do so we must encourage dialogue and foster a culture of reflection.  We must mobilise young minds to the challenge of re-building Africa in creative and sustainable ways; for this we must engage each other, the past, different generations and that which we perceive to be different to our selves.

Miyela creates reflection spaces for young people to begin asking difficult questions not only of themselves but directly to power.

2.         Education

Education can restore the dignity in people.

Education opens the world and gives one the space to dream.  our education should now move beyond creating tea girls and garden boys, we must develop capable self assure young people fully aware of their capability to make change.

3. Documenting and capturing young voices and energy

Young people are active and contributing to the shaping South Africa.  The volunteers, care givers, youth groups and grannies and mothers are the people who hold South Africa together from one day to the next.  The contributions of this group can go unnoticed making people feel they are working alone.  We bring individual voices together and create a thundering roar working for change

we provide proof to the unbelievers and pose a threat to those who believe we have given up our ablity to do and create the kind of society we dream of…there are more of us and the movement for the humane, dignity and a politics od doing is growing.  this is proof that we are  not an unworkable idea but a growing beat in societies taking back of power


2 thoughts on “What we do

  1. i was a learn in naledi high school in 2011 and i really appriciate what u guys did for me. i am now a second year education student at wits and i would love to join ur programme

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