there is a small window after every great transition for people to contest the future of a society and truly drive the future in a new direction.  The history of liberation in Africa is a long story of revolutions fought by the people and handed over to a power elite to define and direct. Ordinary people take to the streets and make oppressive rule impossible.  Yet once official freedom is won, the people give up their power to an elite which will later claim to have given society its freedom and so know best the nature and shape of the future.

South Africa finds its self at this moment where the nature of the future society is up for contestation.  The window of opportunity to define a society based on equality, gender equality, social justice, democracy and a broad based seat of power will close if voices in society decide to give up the power to shape society to an all knowing ruling elite.

Miyela is formed with full knowledge of the stakes and the needs to awaken young people and people who think they have no power to their own potential in making a world for all people. We must at this moment take the chance to Shape not only the future of South Africa but join our voice to a growing crowd of people who seek to shape the future of the world.  The people of our country took freedom by force and must now own the responsibilities to actively participate in shaping the future.


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