• Miyela’s mission is to articulate a positive vision for Africa’s  present and future.
  • Miyela seeks to enable people to recognise that they can make a meaningful interactions with their world; both local and global.
  • To support the education of black children in ways that can begin to reverse patterns of oppression, subordination and the denial of one’s humanity through the denial of education.
  • To create and support a network of groups and activities that personify the values of positive social transformation, social justice, equality, human dignity and the ability of individuals and groups to find solutions for their challenges in ways that are creative and sustainable.

our objectives

  • To create and support unfettered spaces for artistic expression and the sharing of knowledge and skills
  • To initiate and support efforts that take an active role in positive social transformation
  • To create spaces where individuals can engage and reflect on the current social and political climate for informed and effective social participation
  • To document the activities and histories of groups who have acted in ways that demonstrate the ability of ordinary people to make a positive impact on their world.
  • Develop progammes that will support and aid teachers, parents, learners and the education system in making sure that poor children are not left behind in school.



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