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tell: +2711 608 0461

fax: +2711 6163856

cell: +2776 250 4524

address: 15 Stanrich Avenue




3 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. i know that Miyela is doing great work at Naledi High School and among other non school youth, i also know that there are children whose lives have changed for the better thanks to Miyela, further i know for sure that Miyela is anchored by an army of young graduates who, whilst hoping to find or create jobs themselves, are ensuring that their little brothers and sisters are ok. Everyday the young graduates say ‘he/she is not heavy he/she is my brother/sister’. but you see i wish Miyela would stand on a mountain top and shout ‘Aluta continua”. knowing that these are young people growing up in times of high tech i know that their ‘mountain tops’ are different. their mountain tops are email, internet, cell phone, social media they say. Miyela please get onto the Mountain top and shout as Steve Biko did ‘yes we can’ long before Obama shouted it. the country needs your voice, courage and most importantly your vision. The bible says “where there is no vision people perish” MamBongi

  2. dumi here
    i’ve been trying to access the spelling bee book and i cant find the link, please assist!

  3. Dear Dumi
    Please note that the wordbook will only be available in May. Please note that the Word of the Day will also be featured in the book.

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