thought of the day

The important work of moving the world forward does not wait to be done by perfect men.

George Eliot

thought of the day

I think all the women in South Africa should take a long well deserved holiday – we should use those big air crafts and ships from the arms deal because they are big enough to take us all and we should go on holiday.   we should go for a month or six and just let the men in South Africa be, because everyday i am more and more convinced that they must not like women very much.  i think we should leave them to be with each other, share with each other and never have to answer to a woman because they really don’t seem to like women and i am tired of living in in fear.


next time a man wants to rape or show his power over a woman – i’d like him to please hear me when i say “we don’t have your power or dignity or soul or whatever you are trying to fix or undo in you.  if you are messed up or have father issues or have mother issues or was breast fed for too long or not long enough – whatever is killing your soul – i can not fix.   hurting me will only make it worse.   just for the record – to the men of my country; women have not take anything away from you.   leave my humanity intact – leave me to dance, sing and just mind myself,  let me enjoy my right to be alive because it will not take nothing away from you.