Quote of the day

“Me only have one ambition, y’know. I only have one thing I really like to see happen. I like to see mankind live together – black, white, Chinese, everyone – that’s all.”
Bob Marley


what will be we known for having contributed…

Each generation must meet head on it’s challenges and come out victorious or forever bow their heads in shame. At the heat of miyela is a deep faith that people – not in a homogeneous, blind way, but people as individuals and members of society can shape and radically transform the world around them. We have the power to do so, here again I do not speak in ideal types, but I am the real, everyday power people have to change the world.

I can not think of a more inspirational transformation than to work together as young people to help build this children’s hospital. This would be the second hospital servicing all of southern africa’s children. This is a shame for which we can bow our heads in shame or we can stand to be counted.

Miyela is the spirit in young people for optimism and a desire to stand and be counted in our time is full behind the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. We will work, fund raise, start little stok fels and do our little bit which put together with other little bits will touch the health, happiness and future of africa’s children.

We ask you to help- in whatever way you can; get a money box for change, stokvel and that’s the bee a member, church collection, skip going out one night and give to this most rewarding cause. I would love this not just in Madiba’s name but for it to stand for what we as young africa stand for.

Quote of the day

“We cannot trample upon the humanity of others without devaluing our own. The Igbo, always practical, put it concretely in their proverb Onye ji onye n’ani ji onwe ya: “He who will hold another down in the mud must stay in the mud to keep him down.”
― Chinua Achebe, The Education of a British-Protected Child: Essays