66c to enjoy freedom of movement

66c this is an imaginative way of making sure people don’t get to see their country and remain closed to what else the world can offer (this means only the moneyed folk can travel and do the short lefts and so on.

66c in to keep masses who can hardly afford the price to petrol or even taxi (this is influx control)

66c when so many people are hungry so stores will have millions add to the price of basic goods like food (this is called starving people and creating food shortages and later famine intentionally- cruel by any other name)

66c means the guy selling on the side of the road can no longer go to market.

66c means we have a government that things people are taps to be drained while they do not have to be accountable. Highways have no lights save for those patches near tool points, roads are already full and congested. The maths of this borders on insanity; tipping congestion from high ways to already congested badly run roads has not reduced it! Thanks to BRT, down town is a one way hell hole that needs a pass in anger management; there are so many ways that could have been done without creating one ways you can not get out of (and for less money)

66c for a government that get tax, petrol tax, vat (that includes when the poor buy so fyi even the poor contribute to tax and revenue), we pay sin tax (so the chibuku you buy has a tax), on top of tax which had to deal with health, safety, education, roads and a host of matters we as society delegate to state we have to pay for medical aid, school fees are sky high if you want you kid to learn to read, we need security in our homes and cars, and now the cherry on top of this under baked pie is the 66c a km I must pay. It officially costs 66c a km to travel, move freely associate and enjoy this land…so much for constitutional freedoms. I think I feel Verwoed laughing at how we perfect his thinking.

Miyela: over taxed, under paid and now trapped by a movement toll. I want to cuss this makes me so mad?


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