Quote of the day 2 may 2011

on aids denialism:

one man once said that the body’s regression from HIV to Aids are social, politics, economic, spacial.  that AIDS seems to come faster to those who are hungry, poor, powerless, cold and wet, those whose families have broken down from the rain and we all called him an AIDS denialists from the top of our voices.  after seeing some one i love take the pills; i know that the cure is not only in medication but that one has to be warm, fed, happy, strong, socially supported to take them because they strip you as they heal your body.

while on AIDS denialism:

what will we call the man who thinks he he can wash away the virus after every unprotected encounter and marry every woman who will come to carry a child.  what of the man who acts as though the virus does not exist?  what will we call this in the future…is this better than the man who asks us to look deeper into the reasons the virus is killing our people.


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