25 May 2011

Africa unite!

“Africa my begining; Africa my ending”  these world have coloured my life in this place i turely call home.  for all the wonders of the world, i can not think pf a place more genreous, naive, beautiful, spirited, colourful, bloody, heart broken, godly and truimphant than this place where the gods birthed the world.

tonight the winter is creeping on like a blamket that will have our heads bowed.  the growing chill of winter has me looking forward to the spring soon to come.  the season we are in will soon pass and my beautiful Africa will have her head back up to the sun.

Miyela, loving home


24 may 2011

i wish pan africanism has more women…they might bother to create a balanced view of the world that is not just looking at chanign states, nations and international politics.  if more women were involved in politics in Africa (in the world) then the politics of the continent would consider how people live; education, health care, employmet and more importantly the dignity of people.

african politics need to remember that at the hear they need to be about people.

peace and beans, Miyela

the revolution is not an instant, it is not election day or the day the masses storm the streets.
revolution is a slow process of changing the face in the mirror, of learning to read and right, of men learning to play with their children and laugh till they cry.

revolution is the poor women who choose to grow food on unused land on the door steps of their shacks. it is a smile, a choice to say yes or not.

the breaking down of old corrupt states starts with the slow building up of the people.

freedom comes slowly but once there can not be taken away because it does not sit in parliament but rests squarely in the heart and soul of a man.

South Africa your freedom is some ways yet but you starting to learn to build up.




Miyela believes that talking, debating and writing are the first steps in demanding the kind of democracies and world we want to be part of. With this in mind we ask that you come to our mic check sessions. At the sessions you can argue, debate and consider what you care about with others who are concerned and with commentators in the field of social thinking and political action.

Our next session is on 28th of May

At Shikisha, a restaurant in Newtown close to the Bassline

We start at 12:30 and end at 15:00
The topic: “9 million South African children have no fathers” is the black father a myth? Is African fatherhood in crisis?
Join people thinking and demanding more of their world.

10 may 2011

with God (however you see that) the individual can constitute the majority.  Maya Angelo

you do not always have to be many but take courage in your ability to speak up and take a stand when you stand for love, peace and the dignity of our humanity.  other may join in time inspired by the sheer insanity of your courage.

love each other well…pouty angel

Quote of the day 2 may 2011

on aids denialism:

one man once said that the body’s regression from HIV to Aids are social, politics, economic, spacial.  that AIDS seems to come faster to those who are hungry, poor, powerless, cold and wet, those whose families have broken down from the rain and we all called him an AIDS denialists from the top of our voices.  after seeing some one i love take the pills; i know that the cure is not only in medication but that one has to be warm, fed, happy, strong, socially supported to take them because they strip you as they heal your body.

while on AIDS denialism:

what will we call the man who thinks he he can wash away the virus after every unprotected encounter and marry every woman who will come to carry a child.  what of the man who acts as though the virus does not exist?  what will we call this in the future…is this better than the man who asks us to look deeper into the reasons the virus is killing our people.

Quote of the day: may day 2011

Afurakan T Mohare

…three symptoms of a dictatorship waiting to happen….

1) rapid erosion of the education system (uneducated people cant oppose a dictator easily),

2) Dis-empowerment of youth (60% of youth in SA are unemployed or unskilled),

3) Re-enforcement of the Police and military force (the world cup was a good excuse for our gov to pump money into more cops, soldiers, guns and urban assault artillery)