quote of the day

20 April 2011: Patrick Molefe Shai

True! The past injustices and brutalities of apartheid are scars deeply etched in the bones of everyone black person. Practically no amount of singing whatever song can correct the current socio economic imbalaces. I just don’t the wisdom in defending stupity. In the end the whole process will have put the ANC on trial. I believe we need not depend on ruling by fear but rather engage to dispel negative perceptions


quote of the day

19 April 2011

‎”People say there is no water in this town. What is this?” giggled Ficksburg’s mayor, Mbothoma Maduna, reaching into his office fridge for bottles of Valpré mineral water”. We are not dealing with a few rottedn apples but a system that is rotten from beggining to end. if anc is in power after 2014 i go to Zimbawe. if DA is in power i commit suicide! this is a neo-colony period!