need tutors

freinds we are now in full gear with our tutoring programme we now need your help.  we will be tutoring matrics from Naledi High school in Soweto from now until thieir end of year exams.  this is a challenge but we feel with the human capital arond us; it is one we can meet head on and so something about what we think does not work.  so we need your help.


how can you help us you ask?

1. we need books; matric text books for maths, biology, science, physics, history, accounting, geography and study aids for nothing but the truth.  (please send an email to if you can help with this.)


2. we desparetly need more tutors.  we now have a team of 6 graduates but need to grow if we can make a meaningful difference to more students.  please find the form to apply to tutor in the blog under education.


3. we need money and have started raising funds with the kids; we sell cookies and cakes.  please find our menu and full list of what we have and you can support a worthy cause while satisfying your sweet tooth.


love and beans


new age dom pass

Ok so here’s the deal.  Miyela (the organisation) not me the lovely angel you see in that little picture at the top have just hired me (Miyela) to speak on their behalf.  They’ve been planning to have a grand reveal with my own blog space and other civilized ways to introduce me.  but i must speak now, they don’t know i have the codes to the blog space and are taking the space before it is given to me.  take it before the give it is how i see it.  i have just moments ago dumped the polite mandate they gave in in the bin because i’m pissed!


so i pick up the Sowetan which i read more to show respect to where it comes from then for what they put in it and i see there is another price hike from govenment.  why is our government such a cost to us?  i mean R400  to get a pass port or child pass port?  and why?  the Department of Home Affairs says the cost is to make up for the cost that arrises from the issue of id’s and passports with incorect details.  here is a suggestion; STOP MAKING MISTAKES OR ISSUING DOCUMENTS WITH INCORRECT DETAILS. i mean how can you take the price from R140 to R400 in a day with no consultation, no warning, no inflation related increases and all because your staff are making too many errors in the documents they issue!  what?  so an id will go from costing R20 to re-issue to R140 and emergency travel documents and children travel documents will go from between R70-R90 to R180 over night.

i think someone needs to say this so our state entities understand this; PEOPLE HAVE NO MONEY!.  i’m  not talkign about the un or under employed i mean ordianry yaris or uno driving young and old people (those maybe in volvos and land rovers) who live in middle to even upper income areas with day jobs and vacations to Kosi bay.  those people with nice homes and cars let alone those in raws waiting for taxis at dawn and dusk.  they don’T look like the salk of the earth but understand that between Nedbank, Absa, Standard bank the list is long we are totally owned.  we owe on almost everything we seem to have and a year without a salary would mean going back to a family home in the township.  PEOPLE HAVE NO MONEY!  ordinary people are struggling as they get by.  the petrol tax has just gone up (at the time the middle east plays how high can you go with the price of oil) and they want us to pay more for road agency tax? we have pending tolls on the high way which despite some temporary measures to make us feel part of the process are coming, we have schools charging what ever price they want because they know no one wants to take thier children to the public school system, we have medical aid which we pay for our of fear of landing up at joburg jan and a list of other things we pay for because our tax rands do not get spent as they should.  we pay tax, lots of it iF one counts the amount that we all pay on vat (even the poor and so called untaxed pay this amount so we all give the state out money in some way or other).  so when you want to get more money to make up for incorrect documents being printed i say stop making silly errors.  we do not have the money the state is tryign to milk out of us.

i am ranting i know, but really i’m pissed because South Africa is groundign our people.  first they said you need lots and lots of money to get from point a to b on out hight ways.  money has become a new age dom pass.  and now to get out of here you will need R400 to get the documents.  travell becomes something for the rich (again money becomes a new age dom pass) and i’m pissed.  what about id documents?  are home affairs officials not tired of being held at knife point by peopel not getting their id documents?  no id means no job, no drivers licence (no good job), no contracts, not loan even from the banks to give you the look of having money.  it already takes ordinary people to have these documents now you want to have it come at a cost the majority of our people can’t afford.

I’m Miyela and i”m pissed.  OUT! ( Don’t tell the team i have codes to enter the blog)


the is no freedom is you do not used the freedoms you have:  we have the freedom of expression?  let say what we want.  lets say what needs to be said and honk everytime an emperior lives his home without cloths.
friends join my hooting party and see just how much freedom of expression we have
The people fight; throw stones, get shot, burn and feed the revolution
yet time and time again People give up their power to ruling elites.
Can the middle east help us reflect on the revolutions in Africa which are fought by the power of the people and taken over by leaders who can not reflect the need and vision of their people.
Join us in conversation with Lucien Van Der Walt (sociology lectures at wits and author of black flame)
date: 12 March 2011
time: 12 -3pm
place: Roots gallery and restaurant (opposite Morris Isacson high school in Soweto)
contact: 0825880190